Yoga Flame | Riverfront Park, Royersford, PA


A couple weeks back in early December, I jumped at the chance to work with Leah once more, as she was in need of some fresh new images for her upcoming social and promotional use. Leah is so easy going and enjoyable to work with, which was paramount in a situation of haste like this one, where we had exactly 30 minutes from start to finish before sundown hit it's full stride!   


I had several alternate compositions for Leah here, but in the end continued to settle in on her placement in the center of the frame. The image breathes best in this way, with equal stage for the foreground, subject, and multiple layers of background. 


Golden Hour! Sky's like this are certainly a photographers dream. You can tell by the deep shadow of the tree line in the background that it was close to dark outside at this point. This is where utilization of flash extends a shoot just past sundown and creates intense amounts of pleasing contrast and depth. 


I take zero credit on this one. This is Leah doing her thing! 


For this image, I turned the flash off for a silhouette look, which I love! The gorgeous sky had just enough juice left to create a rim light preventing her from simply blending in with the shadow filled tree line.