For the Love of Light | Victory Park, Royersford, PA


For me it is always noteworthy meeting for a photography shoot with an individual who’s activity (in this case Yoga) represents a large piece of who they are, I can tell within just a few moments that they are synonymous with their art, this is who they are inside and out. The smile you see captured was perpetual throughout our time on this brief session. The energy expelled was pure and positive. 


More than ever we need forward moving people who cast uplifting energy all around them and Leah to my eyes seems to bounce on clouds of it. 


For this shoot I again utilized a mixture of natural light as well brought in artificial flash to

A. overcome some of the deep shade in the parks wooden canopy.

B. Have creative control with the flash intending it to be always angled downward towards Leah. I wanted her embrace to reach for the golden hue and for that light to feel like it was as well drawn to her. Make no mistake this was a symbiotic relationship between them. 

Forest leaves were drawn into the foreground to compliment and bring in balance the calm spiritual side of Leah's practice of Yoga. 


I hope these images begin to portray at least some of the Serenity that seemingly is generated by Leah.

To follow her work she can be found on instagram @leelee_yogi from there you can also get in touch to schedule a yoga session with her, do it now and help yourself find your own serenity.