Mosquito Assault | Victory Park, Royersford, PA


We decided to brave the out of character fall season heat and survived the repeated pesky mosquito attacks to bring this shoot to life (more on those mosquito attacks below)


Sharp and contrasting light generated from a mix of two fabulous Profoto B1's and some crisp mid afternoon sun.

Where Brooke is posed was mostly dappled sunlight so the front side B1 flash helps to even the light on the subject and subtract the uneven highlights and shadows that a partially shaded area otherwise creates. 

Also having the second artificial light source allowed me the look I was going for with Brooke as she is a dedicated runner and athlete so having that backside rim light on her provides the look you commonly see in high end commercial athlete portraits. 


And as promised back to those pesky blood suckers, what can I say we do it for the glory...


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